Why does Gray Davis have money sitting around to fight the recall effort? Does anyone know? He's hiring lawyers and petition gatherers and such, but where's the money coming from? Did he have money left over from his last gubernatorial campaign? If so, is he allowed to just spend it on anything he wants, or what? Maybe all the money he's spending has been donated since the recall effort was started, but that's not the impression I've gotten. It must cost quite a bit of money to hire all those people, and I haven't heard about any fund-raising for that specific purpose.

I'm not suggesting anything illegal, I really want to know. Can he roll the "Davis 2002" campaign money over to this new effort? Why didn't he spend all that money last year, anyway? He couldn't have imagined he'd need it again. Unless he was planning to run for president or something.

Anyway, I'm just curious. Any ideas?



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