It was only a matter of time. UC eyes surcharge for rich students. Next thing you know, the state will start charging rich people more to ride the bus. Why should rich people get to borrow library books for free? Why should rich people pay the same for trash pickup as poor people? In fact, I think rich people should have to pay a poll tax to vote; why not, they can afford it!

Regent Matt Murray, the lone student on the 25-person governing board, said he supports a surcharge and lashed out at the state's Republican legislators who have resisted tax increases intended to offset the budget deficit.

"Given the ridiculous nature of the budget situation and the limited options the university has, I think it is wise to pursue the idea," he said. "The goal is to make sure the university is accessible to all kinds of students of all kinds of backgrounds."

Hold on, is the goal to raise money to deal with the "ridiculous" budget situation, or to "make sure the university is accessible to all kinds of students of all kinds of backgrounds"? Obviously the only way this plan would affect accessibility is if it makes the UC system too expensive for certain "rich" people to afford. But that undermines the whole "they're rich, they can afford it" "argument" brought up earlier in the article. I can see why this proposal is so attractive to California leftists: they get to raise extra money for the government at no political cost to themselves, and they get to socially engineer the composition of the University's student body.

I'm not terribly surprised that Matt Murray is a Moron (he's the co-founder and president of the Berkeley American Civil Liberties Union).

Sigh, I'm reduced to using Reuters "scare quotes".



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