I don't know what this means, but The Turth Laid Bear's Blog Ecosystem ranks me #196 when sorted by visits per day, and #664 when sorted by in-bound links. So, possibly Master of None is more popular with non-bloggers than with my fellow bloggers? Of possibly you people need to get off your lazy butts and put up links to me?

Ah, just kidding, I'm in a feisty mood today. And I'm trying to avoid going to work. But, I really should go. Sigh. Stupid work, be less worky!

I do get a lot of hits from Google searches though (because I use lotsa big words). More analysis of the traffic/link question by Oscar Jr.

Don't forget my linking policy! If you link to me, I double-plus-good guarantee that I'll link back to you! But wait, there's more! If you act now, I'll also send you, absolutely free, one of the hundreds of stray cats from my neighborhood! You only pay shipping. For international orders I'll throw in a couple of crows so that your new pet arrives well-fed. You'll also be enrolled in the Stray of the Month club, at no additional charge.



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