Wow, it's pouring outside. It may be no big deal to you easterners (anyone who lives more than 10 miles from the Pacific), but it's pretty amazing to me. I was getting ready for bed, minding my own business, when a crash of thunder cascaded through house; I could feel the earth tremble beneath my feet.

I paused, and looked around. The heavenly barrage hadn't been preceded by a flash of lightning, and I quickly felt ridiculous when I realized I was watching expectantly for one to follow. Nothing. Mostly silence; raindrops falling in my new aluminum gutters.

Good thing I didn't wash my car. That's how life is sometimes, isn't it? Metaphorical junk piles up everywhere, and you've got to deal with it, right? Ah, screw it; do it tomorrow. Or the next day. Or just wait a while and maybe it'll rain and all get washed down your shiny new gutters.



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