Donald Sensing discusses two essays about Public Displays of Patriotism (PDPs); the first by Trent Telenko, and a response by Sgt. Stryker. Trent disparages those who feel "oppressed" by PDPs, and then Stryker takes him to task, writing that many vets don't like ostentatious displays of patriotism either.

I mostly want to respond to Stryker by reminding him that those who have served in America's military probably have a much keener, more focused sense of patriotism than the rest of us will ever know; I can certainly understand why many PDPs may appear gaudy and exhibitionistic in their eyes. I imagine that a cop watching Law & Order or an astronaut visiting Space Camp feels similarly.

Still, if I may speak for all the patriotic Americans who haven't served in the military: we're trying our best. We want to honor you, we want to honor our country, and we generally try to do so as well as we know how. I'm sure that putting a flag up on my front porch seems childish to the men who draped the Stars & Stripes over Saddam's statue in Baghdad, but it's all I've got.



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