Most people who believe that abortion should be legal don't consider themselves "pro-death", but what about people and groups who condone and support coerced and forced abortion? Well, China's communist government has been forcing women to abort their "unauthorized" babies for over 20 years. China denies that forced abortions are a part of their population control policy, but admits that "there may have been isolated abuses by overzealous local officials, but that these were strictly unauthorized."

From the 2001 House hearings I linked to above:

Some of us were skeptical about whether UNFPA [United Nations Population Fund] was really the right organization to ensure against coercion in China. UNFPA officials had consistently defended the Chinese family planning program against accusations of forced abortion and forced sterilization, even long after other observers had concluded that these abuses did occur. Judging from this unhappy experience, we worried about whether UNFPA officials would recognize coercion when they saw it. But hope triumphed over experience, and the then Administration supported the new agreement.

Today's testimony suggests that, after 3 years, the new arrangement is not working. Our lead witness today, Josephine Guy, just returned from one of UNFPA's 32 model counties. She will testify and present videotaped evidence of forced abortion, of the destruction of houses belonging to families who have had unauthorized children, and of similar abuses that have been associated with the People's Republic of China population control program. Other witnesses will testify that this new evidence is consistent with the history of the program and with the current situation in the rest of China.

So, now in 2003, Congress is preparing to strip funding from UNFPA, and pro-choice advocates are going nuts. I guess they don't have a problem with women being forced to abort their babies. Doesn't sound very "pro-choice" to me.

And then there's people who just don't get it:

Other family planning groups like Population Communications International have expressed concern about the wider impact of defunding the UNFPA.

"From an international development point of view, it's going to tie the hands of a lot of really important work that's being done," said Michael Tatu Castlen, the group's executive vice president. "UNFPA not getting money from the U.S. government has already crippled them, but the people who they give money to are in danger of being crippled further."

Duh. The whole point is to tie the hands of the people doing the "really important work" of dragging women into filthy clinics and sucking their babies out with a vacuum.



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