Having proven quite successful at applying my astounding mental abilities to a former president, I will now attempt to read the mind of the current White House resident. (And for you leftists, I can prove I'm telepathic because after reading the first sentence you're sarcastically thinking, What mind?)

Many conservatives, such as George Will in the WaPo are questioning President Bush's conservatism, and Will mentions four specific areas in which Bush has shown himself to be rather liberal: engaging in "nation building"; spending prolifically; shrugging at judicial activism; and ignoring social conservatives. So what's with that?

Perhaps Bush realizes that the war on terror is the nation's top priority, and he's willing to hedge on these other issues to ensure that he is elected to a second term rather than some pacifist Democrat. Although, as SDB points out, it won't be easy for a future president to reverse our course in this war, he might think it's important enough that he's willing to sacrifice some other pieces of his agenda.

If my inkling is true, then watch for a right-ward swing once he begins his second term. Bush has already made it known that he would prefer there not to be any Supreme Court resignations before the 2004 election, and so far it looks likely that his desire will be fulfilled. Once his second term is locked up, and the war on terror is further along, political considerations may fall by the wayside and his true conservatism may shine through.

Just a theory; my psychic powers aren't perfect, you know. Thanks to The Angry Clam for the link.



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