Check out Wikipedia's list of Latin phrases, a bene placito! You're certain to find a Latin phrase to fit just about any situation:

-- Get a speeding ticket? Dura lex, sed lex! The law is harsh, but it is the law.
-- Honey, do you know where we are? Terra incognita! Unknown land!
-- Hey beautiful baby, how's it going? Noli me tangere. Touch me not.
-- Afraid of dogs? Cave canem. Beware of the dog.
-- Can't quit blogging even though it's 2am? Cacoethes scribendi. An insatiable urge to write.

And because I'm so generous, you'll each get to enjoy a random Latin phrase every time you visit Master of None during the daylight hours -- just look near the top of the page. (There are enough special treats for the night-owls already.)



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