The Washington Times reports that a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by the NAACP blaming gun manufacturers for gun violence in New York. The lawsuit wasn't dismissed because it's baseless and absurd, but rather due to a "technicality". A "technicality" is when you lose a case because of the "law".

Unfortunately, the case wasn't thrown out for any of the reasons that I would have liked. Rather,

Judge Weinstein wrote in his ruling that the NAACP proved its members suffered "relatively more harm from the nuisance created by the defendants through illegal availability of guns in New York." But, he added, the civil rights group did not "show that its harm was different in kind from that suffered by other persons in New York."
The suit cost gun makers more than $10 million to defend against, and they won't be recovering that money from the NAACP. I'm not a big fan of tort reform such as many people have proposed (restricting lawsuits, limiting real damage claims, &c.) but I do think that losing plaintiffs should almost always be obligated to pay their opponents' legal costs.



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