Steven Den Beste is right, I am surprised to find Master of None added to his slowly-rotating blogroll. (There's got to be something that rotates slowly, and doesn't carry lots of other connotations, that I could have used as a metaphor, but I can't think of anything that fits. First I had "blog rotisserie", but that implies I'm being cooked; galaxies rotate slowly, but they're huge and have billions of stars.)

SDB finished his post with "[DWL!]", so I'll just thank him here for pointing some new eyes in my direction. Thanks! I'm flattered.

Those of you with the new eyes: welcome! Make yourselves at home. Take yer shoes off and relax; I'll try to think of something entertaining... let's see... where'd that dancing monkey go? Anyway, take a look around, comment on everything, and ya'll come back now, y'hear?



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