Via CNSNews, Daschle reveals his true colors.

Daschle claimed the Bush administration and the Republican leadership in Congress have "abandoned Latino families and our Latino neighbors."

"The progress we've made over the course of the last several years has been set back," Daschle said. "So we're announcing today that we are redoubling our efforts in working in this partnership with our Hispanic leaders to see that every Latino has a chance to make a better life and to contribute to the life of this country." ...

"We believe that every Latino who wants to serve in government at the highest levels ought to have an opportunity to do so," he stated. asked Daschle later if that opportunity would be extended to Miguel Estrada. The Hispanic attorney's nomination to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has been blocked for months by a minority of senators, composed entirely of Democrats, despite Estrada having the support of a majority of senators. Daschle tried to shift the blame for his party's actions back to Estrada. ...

"He has been unwilling to be forthcoming about his background," Daschle explained, "[and] to release the documents that would give us a better understanding of his position on many issues."

Excellent. The Democrats' real Hispanic Agenda is not to ensure that every Latino who wants to be part of the government has the opportunity, but to ensure that Latinos who hold the right positions (as determined by Daschle) have that opportunity. Thanks for clarifying that.



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