Via the LA Times and Rough & Tumble, California's first lady seems to understand how all the rest of us feel:

California First Lady Sharon Davis offered a glimpse Wednesday into how she and her husband, Gov. Gray Davis, have reacted to the recall campaign against him, equating it to "finding out you have cancer."

"It's terrible news, and you think, 'My gosh, what am I going to do?' " she said. "Very few people say, 'I'm going to go home and die. What I'm going to do is fight it.' "

On second thought, maybe she doesn't realize that her husband is the cancer we're all fighting against. Pathetic Earthlings uses the same article to question Gray Davis' manhood, and rightfully so.

In more California news, Official to Sue Over Budget Impasse. Fantastic.

California's superintendent of schools is expected to ask the state Supreme Court today to break the legislative impasse over how best to resolve a $38-billion budget gap because continued gridlock will threaten the education of 6 million schoolchildren.

A spokesman for Supt. Jack O'Connell said Wednesday that officials would use an argument similar to one that recently led the Nevada Supreme Court to grant Republican Gov. Kenny Guinn's request to intervene in that state's budget debate.

The court set aside Nevada's constitutional requirement that a two-thirds legislative majority be achieved before a budget can be passed. California has the same requirement.

"It's very much based on the Nevada ruling," said Rick Miller, spokesman for O'Connell. "He thinks it is his obligation as superintendent to do everything in his power to make sure schools are properly funded."

Mere words cannot express my frustration and my antipathy for the Democrats in California. If the courts can overturn the freaking state Constitution that gives them power then there's absolutely no limit to what the courts can do. If the courts decide that the legislature can ignore the Constitution and pass a budget with a simple majority, you can bet that the Dems are going to hike every tax in sight, and tack on a few more just for fun.

Part of me hopes it happens, because I think the fallout would sweep the Democrats out of power. Meanwhile, however, California gets even more thoroughly screwed. The only responsible and practical solution to our state's budget problem is to cut spending, but that's not even on the table. The "best" we can hope for is to borrow money and finance our debt, thereby punting the problem a few yards downfield and hoping that it just goes away.

I'm considering running for Governor with the slogan "Cut, cut, cut." If the recall goes through it only costs $3,500 to get on the ballot, and I think I'd have a shot!

Update 2:
Eugene Volokh thinks O'Connell's lawsuit is a sure loser.

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