The Israelis are building a 300-mile-long wall around Jerusalem to protect themselves from Palestinian terrorist attacks from the north and south. While meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon yesterday, Bush expressed "concern" about the wall. Four days ago, President Bush met with Palestinian "Prime Minister" Mahmoud Abbas and called the wall "a problem".

It seems like the real problem is that Palestinian kids keep jacking up on crack, strapping on bombs, and blowing themselves up at Israeli birthday parities.

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, whom the Bush administration has snubbed in favor of Mr. Abbas, says the barrier is a new "Berlin Wall" that will divide Palestinian areas into ghettos.
East Berlin was a ghetto because its government made it that way. Arafat and Abbas are the Palestinian government. Do the math.

Jails have walls. Zoos have walls. Not every prisoner is dangerous, nor every animal, but you don't want them just wandering around, especially when it's hard to tell the difference. Palestinians aren't prisoners or animals, but many of them are devoted to wreaking as much havoc in Israel as possible. Unfortunately, it seems like the Israelis are forced to wall themselves in because President Bush would prefer that they make peace with the lions rather than hunt them down and kill them.

I highly recommend Setting the World to Rights' Short History of Israel for anyone who feels that Israel and the Palestinians share equal blame for the current situation, or who simply wants to know more about the recent history of the region.



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