I missed "Blog for Iran" day a few weeks ago (July 9th?), and I wish I'd had this story to relate back then. Not to be over-dramatic, but I won't use any names.

There's a guy who has been visiting our church for the past couple of months who just recently emigrated from Iran to America. He's Muslim, and a doctor, and most of his family is still back in Iran. One of our church members met him at a garage sale and invited him to come to church the following Sunday, and you can imagine our surprise when he actually came. He's very nice and friendly, and is always eager to share stories from Iran and to answer all the myriad of questions I ask him.

So last Sunday morning I noticed that he was recording the entire service on a digital camcorder -- not just the sermon, but the singing and announcements, everything. I nudged my neighbor and asked, "Hey, I wonder why he's recording the service?"

My neighbor responded, "He burns the video to CD and then sends it to his family in Iran."

Now, this fellow is not a Christian; he's certainly very interested and asks a lot of questions, but it's still amazing to me that he would take such a big risk just to expose his family to the gospel. I asked him later what would happen if his family is caught with video of an American church service, and he told me that they would probably be thrown in jail and have all their property confiscated.

I've asked him a lot more questions of course, especially about the recent uprisings against the mullahs. He says that the Iranian people really want America to get invovled, and that he personally doesn't think that the resistance against the government can succeed without American military intervention.

I'm going to try to talk him into writing a guest piece here on Master of None, so watch for it.



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