It really bothered me last year when I realized that after all the blood and money we spent overthrowing the Taliban and establishing order in Afghanistan, the American military wasn't going to destroy the pre-existing warlord power structure. The various warlords control their territory and people using mercenary armies, and they pay for the mercenaries with drug money, primarily heroine.

I am pleased to read on Strategy Page:

July 7, 2003: Uzbekistan scientists have discovered a naturally occurring fungus that destroys poppy plants. Such a fungus could be used to destroy large poppy crops used to support drug gangs in Afghanistan and other Central Asian nations. This would change the economies and military situations in many countries, especially Afghanistan.
Good work, Uzbekistan -- I didn't even know you had scientists.

(Heroine is made from poppies, if you weren't aware. So are morphine and other opiates.)



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