Lileks goes on a brief rant about fax machines, and I've got to agree wholeheartedly. Why is it that they're all different? In some you put the paper-to-be-faxed face up, and in some you put it face down -- which is which is anybody's guess.

At least "modern" fax machines use real paper instead of rolls of tissue paper. I use scare quotes because it's hard for me to see any fax machine as "modern".

I had to fax some documents to/from my car insurance agent a few days ago. Can't you just email them to me? Email? What's that? I'll just go to your website. Website? You can't get insurance over our website. I think we have a website....

I can buy GM and hog futures over the internet, I can make all the arrangements to travel to Japan for a year on the internet, I can auction off my used harware on the internet, I can write all this stupid nonsense on the internet, but to get car insurance I have to use a fax machine?



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