ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO: Done with one day of testing. There are two days, and five questions per day. Only the six highest-scored questions count towards my final grade. Today, out of five questions, I think I did very well on two, pretty well on one, poor on one, and the final question I didn't answer. So, if I passed three of the questions for today then that leaves me needing three out of five tomorrow as well in order to pass the exam.

The architecture question was really hard, and no one sounded confident of their answer after the test. That's the one I did poorly on. I didn't answer the networking question because I knew that it would be a waste of time since I'd be mostly guessing; if you get a score of less than 70 on a question then you wasted time even answering it. I think I did well on the artificial intelligence question and on the database question. I had a good algorithm on the theory question, but I discovered afterwards that it wasn't optimal; I didn't consider using dynamic programming, bah. Otherwise my answer was good... I don't know how many points I'll lose, but I don't think it will make me fail the question.

I'm still nervous about tomorrow. There will probably be a question on traps and interrupts; those seem easy, but we'll see. There will probably be an architecture design problem which shouldn't be too bad. AI will deal with natural language I predict, and the theory problem will probably be based on graphs. Networking... I don't know -- possibly compare/contrast different protocols or something of that nature. I think tomorrow will be easier than today, since I think we had the hard architecture and hard networking question today, and those are my weakest areas.

Time for bed. First I'll say my prayers though!



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