QUOTES FROM THE GROUND: I enjoy reading quotes from soldiers on the ground. Most of the time, the political and military spokespeople guard their words carefully and try not to say interesting things, but anyone who has been in combat (which I haven't) or knows soldiers who have (which I do) understands that the emotions and thoughts on the battlefield aren't quite so tightly controlled. So, I love the headline of this article: 'We shoot them down like the morons they are': US general.

Hundreds of Muslim fighters, many of them non-Iraqis, were putting up a stronger fight for Baghdad than Iraq's Republican Guard or the regular army, a top United States military officer said yesterday.

"They stand, they fight, sometimes they run when we engage them," Brigadier-General John Kelly said.

"But often they run into our machine guns and we shoot them down like the morons they are."

General Kelly, assistant commander of the about 20,000-strong 1st Marine Division, said US intelligence indicated that there might be anywhere between 500 and 5000 of the fighters, whom he described as terrorists.

"They appear willing to die. We are trying our best to help them out in that endeavour," he said.

I found this article via Instapundit.



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