NO WAR UNDER GORE: On CNSNews I read an article wherein New Zealand's prime minister says that there would be no war in Iraq if Al Gore were president. Well duh. Just one more reason to be grateful that Al Gore lost.

Apparently Helen Clark, the Kiwi PM, has been making all sorts of anti-American noise recently, and her political opposition is trying to take advantage of her break from Australia, Britain, and the US -- traditionally New Zealand's closest allies. The leader of the opposition party, Bill English, also objects to statements made by the government in the UN.

English also took the government to task for a statement it made to the U.N. during a debate last week on the war.

New Zealand envoy Don MacKay's statement to the world body focused on meeting Iraqis' future humanitarian needs, but also referred to "the loss of life on both sides" and the need for "all parties" to adhere to the Geneva Conventions.

Speaking in parliament, English called the statement "a disgrace," saying it failed to express support for the coalition forces and seemed to make no distinction between the two sides in the war.

But of course...
Clark has shrugged off the criticism, denying that her government's stance would have negative repercussions in the future.

She said it was childish to suggest that those who oppose the war on a matter of principle were anti-American.

On her comments about Gore, Clark said it wasn't a novel suggestion that "things may have been different with a different president. Who knows? Really, it's neither here nor there."

Clark also suggested that the U.S. wouldn't be especially concerned about her government's stance, saying New Zealand was "the merest blip on the furthest horizon on a radar screen" in Washington.

That's the spirit! Come on people of the world: wake up! Things aren't the same as they were on September 10th, 2001. When you take every opportunity to stick your thumb in our eye, you'd better realize that it will indeed have negative repercussions in the future.



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