NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMYN: One thing that really pleases me about this War on Terror is how it has forced so many people and organizations to show their true colors. For instance, our staunch "allies" France and Germany. The war has also given opportunity to our actual allies like the UK, Australia, and numerous Easter European nations (all of whom I appreciate, truly) to stand beside us, and I am profoundly grateful. The UN has been shown to be useless and weak, NATO's flaws have been highlighted, and the liberal left of American politics has been humiliated and crushed (even if they don't realize it yet).

Anyway, on a lesser note, America's heroine Pvt. Jessica Lynch, the world's woman of the hour, praised and adored by freedom-loving people everywhere... is nowhere to be found on the homepage of the National Organization for Womyn. Probably because there are other important womyn who need to be mentioned, and other more important issues such as:

  • Women to Hold Equality Rally at Masters Golf Tournament -- It's clearly very critical that women be allowed to play golf at this private club.
  • NOW Encourages Full Senate to Vote Down Priscilla Owen Nomination -- Quick, gotta keep this WOMAN from being confirmed as a judge by the senate.

    Bah! I declare the National Organization for Womyn to be useless and hypocritical, and I salute all the true women of merit around the world, starting with Private Lynch.

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