ELECTION 2004: I woke up this morning and turned on Fox News Channel while I was lifting weights, and I saw the most amazing scene in Baghdad. Hundreds of Iraqis crowding around a huge statue of Saddam and cheering as it was pulled down. When the statue hit the ground the crowd surged against it, beating it and throwing rocks. A few seconds later a man was sitting on the statue's head and other people were pulling him around, laughing and cheering. The station then cut to another scene of Iraqis riding around the city in the ubiquitous white pick-ups waving American flags in jubilation. I'm sure everyone who has turned on the TV has seen these same images by now.

So what's that got to do with the 2004 election? The second thing I thought of when I saw these scenes (after wiping a tear from my eye) was that they will make irrefutable ads for Bush against any of his potential Democrat opponents. I'm no political strategist, but I have played Karl Rove on TV, and I can see the ads already: over a backdrop of cheering Iraqis, toppling statues, and waving American flags, we see a small image of Democrat X complaining about Bush's "unilateralism" and threatening that the war will be a huge failure.



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