EDUCATIONAL DILEMMA: Well, if women and minorities can't score well on tests, then there must be a problem with the tests. Right?

Seriously though, the best solution to the education dilemma facing the nation isn't to alter the requirements for poorly-performing demographics. The best solution is to make sure that those demographics get the best possible secondary education so that they can compete effectively in college and the real world.

And how can this be done? Well, the current system is a failure, mostly due to the fact that it's basically socialist in structure. There is no reward given to successful schools and teachers, and no punishment for failure. Teachers' unions fight tooth and nail against any sort of incentive system. It is socially unacceptable to separate exceptional students from below-average students and to give each type the sort of education they need and deserve. The whole system is mired in mediocrity, as all socialist systems eventually become.

A sufficiently motivated administrator with absolute power over the bureaucracy could restructure the system to work efficiently, but that would create an unstable equilibrium that would collapse back into failure at the first opportunity. The only real solution is to wrest education from the public's hands and turn it entirely over to the private sector. It may not be "ideal", but it would be optimal.

For further discussion on this topic, check out the this comment section where I have written more. The comments are based on a post over at Max Power.



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