DIVERSITY ADDS LITTLE TO EDUCATION 2: Following up on an earlier post, Opinion Journal has an article by John Fund about the same study that I mentioned. His conclusion?

Aggressive outreach to find quality minority candidates is important, but pushing minority candidates into schools they're not ready for doesn't do them or the school any favors. Ultimately, the damage a poor education does to a kid in the lower grades can't be remedied by diversity intervention in his or her teenage years. That's why school-choice programs that provide real alternatives to help students in failing public schools may be the best and most effective affirmative action around.

I think he's exactly right. The solution to the problem of minority students not being accepted into colleges isn't to lower the standards, but rather to seek to improve the students. One of the best ways to do that is to allow parents and students to choose the location of their primary and secondary education. Vouchers are one (tiny) step in this direction.

Competition fosters improvement, and if schools are made to compete for students and funding then (and only then) will they begin to change. As it stands, our public education system is nearly communist in structure. There are no incentives that encourage schools and teachers to perform excellently, and no punishment for schools and teachers that fail to perform. Consequently, the entire system suffers from endemic mediocrity and sloth, both of which are most pronounced in minority-dominated areas.



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