BOMBS UNDER BAGHDAD: I've heard lots of rumors about extensive tunnel systems that may exist under the city of Baghdad. The most credible of these rumors have come from Iraq's ex-chief nuclear scientist, by Hussein Shahristani, who defected to the United States during Operation Desert Storm (or "Gulf War 1" for those of you who like the boring media names). I'd also read such rumors on Debka, but that's not exactly a reliable news source.

If you're interested in reading more about the tunnels check out these two articles that my friend Joey sent me:
- Closing In on Baghdad Will Push War Underground in WaPo
- Tunnels of Baghdad may be the war's last frontier in The Christian Science Monitor

One note: the CSM article claims that US night-vision technology would not help us in the tunnels because there is too little light for the goggles to magnify. This is true, but the goggles can also be combined with infrared lights that can illuminate the scene for the soldiers without giving away their positions.



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