BECAUSE SHE'S AN AMERICAN: It fills me with pride to read accounts of Pvt. Jessica Lynch's rescue from an Iraqi hospital/military headquarters. I'm certain that the minute it was discovered that she and the other members of the 507th Ordnance Maintenance Company were captured the order was given from high up: find them and bring them home. Why? She's just a 19 year old girl from West Virginia. Because she's an American.

That's the difference between America and Iraq. Saddam and his goons throw civilians into the line of fire, they take families hostage and force their fathers to fight or blow themselves up, they gas their own people, rape and torture any who dissent, and gladly sacrifice hundreds and thousands of lives to keep themselves in power.

I'm going to start a new paragraph because I don't want to talk about Americans right next to that filth. We Americans spend millions of dollars and risk dozens -- if not hundreds -- of lives to find our own and to bring them back safely. The CIA found Pvt. Lynch, and Special Ops flew in from another country to rescue her. Meanwhile, a large force of Marines with tanks and APCs led a distraction operation to capture a key bridge inside the city. All to rescue Jessica Lynch and anyone else from the 507th who might have been held prisoner with her.

Remember little things like this the next time you see a Saddam apologist waving a sign that tries to make America into the villain.

I just wanted to point you to an earlier post about women in combat.



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