GOIN' CAMPN': I'm going camping until Saturday night, so there won't be anything new until then.

As I was leaving work I heard a helicopter that sounded really close. I looked up, and... WHAT THE HECK? There's an Apache flying right towards me, about 20ft. off the ground. I was stunned for a second, but then realized that it was circling and coming in for a landing in the parking lot. I looked around some more and saw several tanks and a half-dozen helicopters of various flavors, all sitting within 100ft. of where I was standing. Apparently there's a Jr. ROTC event this weekend and they're using our parking lot to show off some of the military's nifty toys.

I have to admit, I was a little scared when I first saw that Apache barreling down on me. I'm glad it's on MY side.



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