"AMERICAN" MEDIA?: StrategyPage has an excellent point about CNN and other "American" media sources. I'll just quote it:

It is apparent to many that when an American News network like CNN reports facts as, "the American military views Iraqis displaying POW's as a violation of the Geneva Convention." CNN is unwilling to take sides and views American corpses being lifted off the ground, their hair pulled back and the bullet holes in the foreheads shown to the audience, as possibly acceptable behavior.

CNN views the interrogation of American POW's for a TV audience, some badly wounded and forced before the camera by the interrogator to raise their heads, as open to interpretation as to whether it violates the Geneva Convention or the norms of civilized behavior. CNN is headquartered in Atlanta, though it sometimes appears they would prefer it was Baghdad.

It disgusts me that some American reporters find nobility in refusing to be patriotic. It disgusts me that they are "journalists" first, and Americans only second. It is certainly important to present factually true news, but it is morally offensive to remain neutral when one's own country is fighting against such evil. It is cowardly to hide anti-Americanism behind a cloak of "objectivity".



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