ABOUT NICHOLAS WILLIAMS: I am a junior at Stanford University, working on an undergraduate degree in the interdisciplinary major field of Symbolic Systems, with a concentration on decision-making systems and rationality. I will also graduate with a minor in International Relations (IR), assuming that I do in fact graduate, and the list of University departments that contribute to the IR program paints a pretty picture of my intellectual passions: political science, history, economics, philosophy. I speak a wee-bit o' Japanese, and will spend five of the next six months studying and working (and writing) in Kyoto, Japan. I currently work in the Philosophy Department library at Stanford, and I have 22 books checked out in my name, none of which are for class.

I really do enjoy long walks, though not usually on the beach- too much... beach. I paint (poorly), whittle (often my own fingers), and have a great affinity for the Buddhist mental culture in it's most simple form. And there is no secret cabal. The secret cabal exists only in your mind.



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